Dental care: when is the right time to brush your teeth?

Dental care: when is the right time to brush your teeth?

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"Before sleeping, after eating: don't forget to brush your teeth!" Many people still remember this phrase when it comes to the topic of "oral hygiene". But is that actually true? Is it actually better to brush your teeth after breakfast in the morning? Experts clarify when is the right time for tooth cleaning.

Caries is common
Caries is one of the most common chronic diseases. The biggest risk factor for the contagious tooth disease is irregular and poor oral hygiene. Proper brushing of teeth seems to be more difficult than it looks at first glance. Above all, there is disagreement about when is the right time to clean the teeth. While some claim that cleaning should be done in the morning before breakfast, others generally take the toothbrush after eating. But what is correct?

Fixed time windows in everyday life are important
There is no general answer to that. According to the German Society for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (DGZMK), the times for domestic oral and dental hygiene depend on individual lifestyle habits. The well-known recommendations such as "brushing after every meal" or "brushing your teeth just before going to bed" should therefore be critically examined in individual cases, according to a statement by the DGZMK. It is therefore particularly important that fixed times are found in everyday personal life, "at which dental and oral hygiene are practiced regularly, without time pressure and with concentration."

Wait for acidic foods
A firm routine is important in order to establish two daily teeth cleaning operations in daily life, with additional flossing or a small brush to clean the interdental spaces (interdental space brushes) once a day. The time of day itself doesn't really matter. However, if you have eaten foods and / or drinks with a high acid content, you should definitely wait a bit before brushing your teeth so that the enamel is not attacked. The recommended waiting time here would fluctuate between 20 minutes and an hour after the DGZMK.

Toothpaste should contain fluoride
The right toothpaste is also required for thorough tooth cleaning. This should always contain fluoride, special children's toothpastes are available for children. According to the German Dental Association (DZV) one should be careful with toothpaste with a "whitening" effect, as this can lead to damage to the tooth structure.

Does it have to be an electric toothbrush?
Electric toothbrushes brush with up to 40,000 vibrations per minute and thereby remove more deposits in the same time than the manual toothbrush. In principle, however, the teeth can be cleaned well with both variants - provided that they are used correctly. (No)

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