Many people already saved their lives through e-cigarettes?

Many people already saved their lives through e-cigarettes?

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Opportunities and risks of e-cigarettes
Because long-term experience is still lacking, a medical assessment of the consumption of e-cigarettes has so far been difficult. In a position paper, the German Addiction Society - umbrella organization of addiction societies (DSG) summarized the current state of knowledge and derived the first recommendations.

E-cigarettes cannot be considered harmless per se. For example, the aerosol, the inhaled vapor, in addition to nicotine, also carcinogenic and toxic substances such as formaldehyde or acetaldehyde. Non-smokers - especially adolescents - should therefore under no circumstances be encouraged to start using nicotine via e-cigarettes. All regulations on the protection of minors and non-smokers for conventional tobacco products should therefore also apply without restriction to e-cigarettes. That also includes advertising bans, the smoking ban in public buildings and possible price increases.

On the other hand, the inhalation from e-cigarettes is significantly less harmful than tobacco smoke: Different estimates by various experts attribute the aerosol to toxicity nine to 450 times less than the smoke from conventional cigarettes. Studies have shown that smokers who completely switch to vaping had significantly better blood pressure and respiratory function values ​​after one year. According to initial studies, the lung function of asthmatics also improves as a result of the switch. However, data on longer-term health effects are still lacking.

As the experts at the DSG emphasize, the actual goal, which is formulated in all guidelines, does not remain the switch to "steaming", but the complete avoidance of smoking. The e-cigarette could build a bridge to the smoke exit. Because some studies suggest that vaping can facilitate the transition to abstinence. Because other studies contradict this, the topic is currently being discussed very controversially.

According to the experts, the current data situation does not yet allow a final decision to be made for or against the e-cigarette.

Source: fzm, Stuttgart.
Study: T. Rüther et al .: Position paper: Addiction medical and health policy opportunities and risks from the use of e-cigarettes. Addiction therapy 2017; 18 (3); Pp. 120-123

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