Highly infectious skin disease: Bonn clinic closes entire ward due to scabies

Highly infectious skin disease: Bonn clinic closes entire ward due to scabies

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High risk of infection: Bonn hospital closes entire ward due to scabies

Scabies: Just when the word is spoken, some people already touch their arms and start scratching. Many believe that the contagious skin disease has died out, but this is not the case. A Bonn hospital even had to close an entire ward due to the infectious disease.

Scabies had never completely disappeared from the scene

Scabies was considered extinct in Germany for a long time. But the skin disease was never completely gone. There were always phases in which scabies cases accumulated. Cases of the infectious disease are increasing in the Rhineland. For example, a 10-year-old girl from Cologne recently got infected with it. In neighboring Bonn, a whole ward of a clinic had to be closed due to scabies.

The whole ward of a clinic is closed
On Friday, the Johanniter Hospital in Bonn closed an entire department because "the scabies (technical scabies, scabies from Latin scabere, scratch) was detected in several patients and nursing staff", says a statement.

"The closure of ward 1A in the Johanniter Hospital is a mere precautionary measure that we have taken in coordination with the Bonn Health Department," explained Dr. Marc Heiderhoff.

The entire station is now being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at high pressure in a multi-stage process to prevent further spread. Diseased patients are treated in isolation.

According to the information, all patients who had been in the ward for the past three weeks and their relatives were also informed. The same applies to the treating doctors, nurses and their relatives, who are also treated.

According to Dr., there is a danger for patients in other departments, for visitors and employees. Heiderhoff doesn't. The hospital management expects to be able to reopen ward 1A after the start of next week.

Skin disease is caused by itch mites

Scabies is a parasitic skin disease that is accompanied by blisters, red pustules, itchy rash and pain.

The uncomfortable complaints are caused by itch mites, the droppings and eggs in the skin of those affected, where they trigger allergic reactions. This then triggers the severe itching that gave the disease its name.

"Scabies (mites) are transmitted from person to person through close contact, especially when it comes to bed warmth," reports the City of Bonn's health department on its website.

“The areas of skin between the fingers and behind the ears, as well as in the folds of the wrists, elbows, armpits, belt area, knee and feet, are affected. Sometimes you can see the mite ducts in the skin, ”said the experts.

"Rarely are transmission routes through infected laundry, clothing, blankets and pets."

Skin disease is easy to treat

Since the scabies are easy to treat, there is no need to worry, according to the Bonn clinic. Medical creams and medications are available for the treatment.

Important to know: There is a risk of infection until the end of the treatment.

Indirect transmission is possible because the mites can survive outside the organism.

Therefore, clothes, bed linen, towels and other objects with prolonged physical contact (e.g. blood pressure cuff, slippers, soft toys, etc.) should be washed at least 50 ° C for at least 10 minutes, writes the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

"If this is not possible, the objects and textiles can be packed in plastic bags or shrink-wrapped in foil and stored for 72 hours at at least 21 ° C," the experts continued.

Upholstered furniture, sofa cushions or textile floor coverings can be vacuumed with a strong vacuum cleaner (dispose of the filter and bag afterwards) or not used for at least 48 hours. (ad)

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