Frequent joint problems: doctor warns of "smartphone thumb"

Frequent joint problems: doctor warns of

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“Smartphone thumbs” threatened by intensive cell phone use

Mobile phones and smartphones have become an indispensable everyday companion for many people. Especially for the majority of teenagers, life without the small devices is hard to imagine these days. This can have health consequences, because too intensive cell phone use threatens “phone diseases” like the “smartphone thumb”.

Cell phones are turned on 53 times a day

Smartphones and cell phones are an integral part of our everyday lives, especially not for the youngest. For example, a study showed that many children can only survive 30 minutes without a cell phone until they experience withdrawal symptoms. But adults can hardly keep their hands off it either: According to a study by researchers at the University of Bonn, cell phone owners activate their device on average 53 times a day. This can have health consequences: Intensive cell phone use favors "phone diseases" like the "smartphone thumb".

Smartphone use with health consequences

It has long been known that the increasingly intensive use of smartphones does not remain without health consequences.

Studies have shown that such devices reduce the quality of sleep in children and adolescents and lead to speech and concentration disorders.

In addition, experts assume that myopia will increase due to constant smartphone use.

Furthermore, posture with a lowered head threatens postural damage such as neck tension.

And last but not least, people who constantly text, surf and whatsapp risk that they get thumb pain.

Common “Phone Diseases”

"The joints and tendons of the thumb are excessively stressed by the one-sided, monotonous and long-lasting movement at high frequency, which also exerts pressure," explains occupational physician DDr. Karl Hochgatterer from Perg in Upper Austria in the current issue of the health magazine "MEDIZIN popular", in which there is a contribution to the most common "phone diseases".

According to the information, the tendons rub on the inside of the tendon sheaths due to the overload, which often results in tendonitis - with painful consequences both when moving and at rest.

According to experts, smartphones should generally only be used for a short time to prevent such complaints.

It is also advisable to limit yourself to the bare minimum and to move other activities such as writing e-mails to the computer.

This can help to reduce the likelihood of “phone diseases” such as “smartphone thumb” or “cell phone neck”. (ad)

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