Therapy helpers: The forest can heal people

Therapy helpers: The forest can heal people

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Therapy assistant forest: forest important co-therapist
Patients with chronic diseases who are no longer able to help, or patients who prefer alternative healing methods to conventional ones, like to resort to naturopathic therapies. Chinese medicine is now also an important healing method in Germany. She tries to reverse chronic disease processes through Chinese natural medicines, acupuncture, body therapies, qigong and nutritional science. Therapy relies on another - often underestimated - therapy helper: the forest. Dr. explains how this works med. Interview with Christian Schmincke.

"Especially the sick person needs landscapes so that he can see what is going on inside, in the outside world and vice versa, these landscape shapes can be reproduced inside," explains the chief physician of the Clinic at Steigerwald Dr. Christian Schmincke. The good air stimulates breathing and circulation and is equally calming. Movement or balancing exercises on tree trunks reduce stress.

"We recommend walking slowly so that the forest atmosphere can work and the muscles can relax and find a steady form of movement." If you have the opportunity, you should also let your feet participate, for example, on barefoot paths. When the feet explore how moss differs from pebbles or how sand or wood feels from below, this appeals to all the senses.

Relaxing and relieving stress has another important therapeutic effect in Chinese medicine. Because stress is closely related to the central organ of the body, the stomach.

"From our point of view, the stomach doesn't just process food, it also processes feelings and social challenges," explains Dr. Stress hinders the body from an adequate defense reaction, infections spread and put additional strain on the organism.

A regular trip to the forest is particularly important for children. How Dr. Schmincke included “forest walks” in his therapeutic-educational program for children with attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder ADHD. "Especially for children who have forgotten how to develop creative curiosity towards natural environments, this can be a therapeutic gain", he emphasizes the concept. (sb)

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