Preventing diabetes: water instead of soda and cola

Preventing diabetes: water instead of soda and cola

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Diabetes prevention: stay away from sweet drinks

More and more Germans are getting diabetes. The widespread disease is also on the rise among children. The increase is explained, among other things, by the high sugar consumption - also in the form of drinks. Health experts therefore advise you to use water rather than soda and the like.

Reduce consumption of soft drinks

Reducing the consumption of snacks and soft drinks is a good resolution for the new year, experts from the German Liver Foundation recently reported. Above all, reducing the consumption of sweet drinks brings health benefits. After all, soft drinks are often the cause of obesity. A study by Swedish researchers also showed that two of these drinks double the risk of diabetes every day. To quench your thirst, you should always drink water instead of sugary drinks.

More and more diabetics in Germany

Diabetes is one of the major common diseases in Germany. Around six million diabetics currently live in this country, with around 300,000 new patients every year.

Poor or even untreated, the disease has dramatic consequences: According to the German Diabetes Society (DDG), the complication rate for heart attack, heart failure (heart weakness) and stroke is about 2 to 3 times higher.

According to a study, about every fifth death in Germany is associated with the so-called diabetes.

Pay attention to the right nutrition

To prevent diabetes, you should avoid being overweight or obese and exercise regularly. However, nutrition is very important for prevention.

Among other things, it is recommended to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, to rely more on high-fiber foods such as whole grain products and to prefer low-fat foods.

It is better to stay away from high-calorie snacks such as chocolate. This also applies to high-calorie drinks. Instead of lemonade or beer it is better to use water or unsweetened teas.

According to experts, fruit juices should at best be consumed as spritzers.

Right choice of drinks

In its current issue (1/2018 A), the health magazine "Apotheken Umschau" also points out how important it is to choose the right drink for the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Anything that brings a lot of sugar into the blood quickly affects the risk of getting sick. According to the experts, lemonades and cola in the US are responsible for every tenth case of diabetes.

As Prof. Peter Schwarz, prevention expert at the clinic of the Technical University in Dresden, explained, sugar had a particularly unfavorable effect when combined with fat.

"Sugar releases insulin, and bad fat indirectly inhibits the breakdown of the hormone."

If the insulin level remains at a high level, the body cells react increasingly poorly to the messenger substance. Saturated fatty acids, which predominate in animal fats, should therefore be avoided.

Healthier are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are found, for example, in nuts or olive oil. (ad)

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