Pasta diet - are pasta dishes suitable for weight loss?

Pasta diet - are pasta dishes suitable for weight loss?

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Do noodles lead to weight loss?

Pasta lovers are likely to be pleased with the latest results of a recent investigation. Researchers found that eating pasta can actually help you lose weight.

Scientists at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and the University of Toronto found in their current investigation that eating pasta can lead to weight loss. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "BMJ Open".

The study included almost 2,500 participants

The experts examined almost 2,500 subjects for their new study. These were initially divided into different groups. One group consumed 3.3 servings of pasta a week. The other group consumed alternative forms of carbohydrates, such as white rice, potatoes, and white bread. The participants in both groups measured body weight, BMI, body fat and waist circumference at the beginning and end of the study, the scientists explain.

People who consumed pasta decreased

The results of the study showed that test persons eating noodles actually lost weight and did not develop overweight. The reduction in weight was about half a kilogram. Although this weight loss appears to be very small, the researchers originally assumed that eating pasta would lead to an increase in weight. Therefore, the weight reduction found was a real surprise for the experts.

Don't blindly follow any trends

A diet with pasta can be healthy. This shows that it is important to look at facts instead of following current dietary trends, the researchers say. The public has recently been flooded with negative messages about carbohydrates, the scientists explain. These statements also seem to influence the eating habits of those affected.

Other studies support the results

The current study is not the first study to suggest that pasta may help people lose weight. The Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council researchers found back in 2016 that eating pasta doesn't have to lead to weight gain. The experts examined 9,341 people in Australia for their study. Another Italian study also confirmed that pasta does not lead to weight gain if pasta is consumed in moderation.

Pasta has a low glycemic index

Of course, the question arises why pasta does not lead to weight gain. Pasta has a lower glycemic index than white rice and bread, doctors say. In fact, the glycemic index is similar to that of foods like legumes and oats. These foods are digested more slowly and absorbed more effectively in the body.

Pasta is never a substitute for sport and exercise

In other words, the results could be summarized as follows: Pasta tastes great and can even reduce weight. So keep eating pasta, just try not to eat excessive amounts of pasta and avoid eating pasta every day. Of course, eating pasta can in no way replace sporting exercises and exercise when it comes to reducing your own weight. (as)

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