Many children ate detergent capsules because of their colorful appearance

Many children ate detergent capsules because of their colorful appearance

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There are more and more cases of poisoning from so-called detergent capsules
When we clean our laundry, we certainly don't think about our children's health first. Both parents and children should be unaware of the danger posed by so-called laundry capsules. The detergent capsules, which are usually filled with light colored liquid or gel, are often confused with sweets by children and then consumed. There is at least one incident a day with poisoning from these detergent capsules.

It is imperative that parents keep so-called laundry or detergent capsules out of the reach of their children. Young children often confuse this form of detergent with sweets. These are then mistakenly consumed. The chemicals it contains can cause serious damage to health, the British Local Government Association (LGA) now warned in a press release.

Every day, children mistake laundry capsules for sweets and consume them with capsules filled with toxic chemicals
If children swallow detergent capsules, this may cause internal burns, swelling and breathing difficulties. There is even a risk of falling into a coma from consumption, the authors warn. Contact with the eyes can also cause damage and, in the worst case, cause temporary blindness. Recent figures show that more than one wash capsule and child incident occurs per day. The affected children are usually under the age of five, the experts at LGA explain.

In the UK alone, there have been more than 2,000 poisonings in the past five years
In the UK alone, there were more than 2,000 registered cases of poisoning from laundry capsules in five years, experts say. According to the most recent annual breakdown of UK incident data, there were 404 cases in 2014, 424 in 2013, 422 in 2012, 434 in 2011 and 486 in 2010. Parents need to be better informed about the dangers of detergent capsules to prevent the growing number of cases of poisoning, explains Izzi Seccombe, spokeswoman for the LGA.

Be sure to store laundry capsules high up or in locked cupboards
Laundry capsules usually look colorful and are only a small size. For this reason, many children confuse these capsules with sweets, explain the doctors. If they bite on such a capsule, a cocktail of harmful chemicals is released in the mouth. These dissolve in the mouth and are absorbed by the children. This causes serious damage to the health of our children, warn the scientists. The frequency with which these incidents happen is deeply worrying. However, simple precautions can prevent this danger. Household chemicals should generally be stored high or in lockable cupboards. This greatly reduces the likelihood that young children will get these toxic capsules, the experts say. Even when you do your laundry, you need to be attentive and keep an eye on the detergent capsules at all times when there are children around. It only takes seconds to grab and consume one of the capsules. A moment of inattention can mean that your child will be harmed to health, warn the scientists. (as)

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