Verdict: Doctors are not allowed to advertise magnetic therapy

Verdict: Doctors are not allowed to advertise magnetic therapy

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OLG Koblenz: In the absence of supporting documents, promises of relief are misleading
Koblenz (jur). Doctors may not advertise positive health effects for any magnetic therapy they offer. These are not scientifically proven, so corresponding advertising is not permitted, as the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Koblenz decided in a judgment announced on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 (file number: 9 U 1181/15).

In the case decided, a doctor in Rhineland-Palatinate advertised the magnetic field therapy he was offering on the Internet. Although the effect of the treatment has not yet been scientifically confirmed, he observes pleasing therapeutic successes in his practice every day. So he had very good results in the treatment of back problems, joint wear on the knees and hips, rheumatism and bruises. Pulsating magnetic field therapy can also help sustained migraines and circulatory disorders.

Following a complaint from a competition association, the OLG Koblenz has now banned this advertising. It is misleading and therefore inadmissible. The advertisement suggests that the patient have therapeutic efficacy, but this has not been scientifically proven. The reference to the missing scientific evidence does not change this, especially since the doctor immediately refers back to the "pleasing therapeutic success", according to the OLG in its judgment of January 20, 2016, which was also published in writing. Mwo / fle

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