Trial against wrong doctor: patient operated for many years

Trial against wrong doctor: patient operated for many years

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Obtaining medical approval: wrong doctor is on trial
A man is on trial in Düren, North Rhine-Westphalia, who is said to have operated on patients in a hospital for years. He is said to have obtained medical approval with a fake state examination certificate. The wrong doctor is accused of assault and forgery of documents.

Wrong doctor is on trial
A false doctor is on trial in Düren (North Rhine-Westphalia), who apparently had spent years as a surgeon and during that time operated on numerous patients in a hospital. According to press reports, patients trusted the man and lay down under his knife. It is said that the doctor, who was not one, was exposed last year when a colleague became interested in the doctoral thesis and had not found anything on the Internet. According to the public prosecutor's office, the consent of the deceived patients to surgery was ineffective.

Personal injury in over 300 cases
The now 41-year-old man is therefore accused of assault in over 300 cases and forgery of documents. With a fake state examination certificate, he is said to have obtained medical approval after missing two proofs of achievement in his studies. According to the information, however, he went through the theoretical and practical training as a doctor. In the past few years, various cases were known in which people worked as medical doctors, even though they were not. Last July, for example, a false cosmetic surgeon stood trial in Regensburg who had done dozens of cosmetic operations without being a doctor. The judges found him guilty at the time; he has to go to prison over four years. (ad)

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