High blood pressure: Most of those affected have no idea of ​​their high blood pressure

High blood pressure: Most of those affected have no idea of ​​their high blood pressure

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Barmer GEK: Over a third suffer from high blood pressure
According to the health insurance company Barmer GEK, more than a third of people in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania suffer from high blood pressure. The northeastern German state is thus above the national average. Hypertension is the number one risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and is therefore responsible for many deaths.

More than every third person has high blood pressure
As can be seen from the current medical report by the Barmer GEK, in 2014 more than a third of the people (34.3 percent) in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania suffered from high blood pressure. The state in the northeast of the republic is thus above the national average of 28.16 percent. “Hypertension is not a harmless common disease. It can cause cardiovascular diseases that are at the top of the statistics of causes of death, ”said Henning Kutzbach, state director of the health insurance company in a message.

Hypertension is not an inevitable disease of old age
According to the information, almost every second person in the age group over 50 years of age suffers from high blood pressure. "The assumption that high blood pressure is an unavoidable disease of old age is wrong," said Kutzbach. According to health experts, it is mainly the elderly who get sick, but younger people are also increasingly affected. Many are unaware of their high blood pressure levels and therefore cannot be treated. However, untreated hypertension is one of the greatest health risks in the western world.

Lower blood pressure naturally
Hypertension patients are often quickly advised to lower blood pressure, but in many cases hypertension can be treated without medication. In addition to regular exercise, a healthy, varied diet with little fat, sugar and salt should be mentioned here. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, overweight or obesity should also be avoided. In addition, relaxation exercises to reduce stress can be very effective and positively influence high blood pressure values. Some home remedies for high blood pressure, such as Kneipp treatments, can also offer good support. (ad)

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