Footballer gave 14-year-old teenage life-threatening ecstasy kiss

Footballer gave 14-year-old teenage life-threatening ecstasy kiss

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Danger to life from Nintendo: 14-year-old girl in a coma after kissing ecstasy
Health experts have been warning about the dangers of so-called party drugs for years. In the worst case, pills such as ecstasy can even lead to a life-threatening collapse. The drugs were doomed to a young girl in Britain. You received the tablet from a young footballer - by kiss.

Health dangers of party drugs
The health risks of synthetic drugs are pointed out again and again. For example, certain party drugs can cause severe heart damage. In Switzerland the year before last, the false ecstasy pill Rolex was warned that taking it can be fatal. But even if the intoxicating agents do not lead to death, they can cause terrible damage.

14-year-old girl receives ecstasy pill by kiss
A 14-year-old girl from Great Britain also had to experience this. According to media reports, on a New Year's Eve, the youth was given an ecstasy pill by kiss from a well-known young Scottish footballer at a party. The girl reacted so intensely to taking the extremely powerful "Nintendo tablet" that she had to be taken to a hospital, where she was put in a coma.

As if she had a bad accident
According to a report by the British “Mirror”, the mother of the 14-year-old said: “My daughter threw herself out of bed, she crawled around on the floor. It was like in the film "The Exorcist". The face swelled and she looked as if she had just had a bad accident.

Drug victims put in an artificial coma
The mother said that they were holding the girl and tried to give her security, but "she hallucinated and thought things were coming out of the wall to get her." After the teenager was unable to calm down and was already "black and blue", they put the doctors in an artificial coma. According to the mother, the doctors gave her a chance of survival of 50 to 50. Ultimately, her condition stabilized and the 14-year-old survived the unwanted intoxication of drugs.

Footballers have to answer in court
The now 20-year-old footballer now has to answer in court - more than two years after the incident. He is said to have given the girl the pill without consent. He faces a longer prison sentence. The verdict is expected in late August.

Doctor receives suspended sentence
In Germany, a doctor recently had to answer to the court, whose ex-girlfriend had died at a drug party. The two had taken ecstasy among other things. The doctor had not helped the woman who was in danger of life enough and was sentenced to a two-year suspended sentence. (ad)

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