Clou: Protein-containing foods can help you lose weight

Clou: Protein-containing foods can help you lose weight

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A high protein intake can help a sports diet
In the last week we presented you the 10 best natural protein sources to support your sporting activities. "Are they the only ones", we asked fitness expert Frank Scheidter.

No, says Scheidter, there is of course a lot more. The trick is that proteins help you to slim down quickly because the body uses the proteins more slowly. This way, the stomach emits feelings of satiety more quickly and we stop eating faster. "They keep you full for longer," says the expert.

In addition, some proteins contain amino acids (tryptophan and tyrosine), which are involved in sending satiating messenger substances to the brain. In addition, fiber also creates a rapid satiety, as it swells and increases the volume of food. "This way you can save calories without having to go hungry."

Proteins stop cravings
"Protein-rich foods can reduce food cravings and boost fat metabolism," says Georg Abel of the German University for Prevention and Health Management / BSA Academy in Saarbrücken. At the same time, the unwanted loss of muscle mass is prevented. It follows the principle of increasing the protein content in the diet and at the same time avoiding carbohydrates if possible.

But how much protein should you eat? According to Abel, a generalized quantity is problematic because it always relates to body weight. With a balanced energy balance, strength athletes are recommended to eat around 1.3 to 1.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. In individual cases, however, the quantities could also be higher.

"If you want to make it really clever, you should combine the best foods with these three values," says Scheidter. Good protein combinations are steak with salad / tofu, meat or fish with steamed vegetables / legumes such as kidney beans / lentils with vegetables and meat / tofu or tomato and mozzarella.

These foods are high in protein

Bismarck herring15016,5
fried herring12521,0
a cooked egg607,4
duck breast12524,4
Peas, fresh20013,3
harzer cheese5015,0
Chicken thighs12525,8
Halibut fish10020,0
Herring fillet10014,8
Smoked pork meat10024,8
Kidney beans15033,2
Skimmed milk2007,0
Mackerel fish15028,1
Matje herring8012,8
Mozzarella cheese5010,0
North Sea crabs10018,5
Smoked salmon5012,7
Ground beef10023,0
Brussels sprouts2009,0
scrambled eggs12514,4
breaded plaice12518,0
Curd cheese (10% fat)15020,2
Tuna in oil5011,9
Greek zaziki12510,6

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