Parents refused important therapy to their own daughter: 18-year-old cancer patient died

Parents refused important therapy to their own daughter: 18-year-old cancer patient died

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18-year-old cancer patient dies after “miracle healer” treatment
A young Italian woman suffering from cancer, who was treated according to the theories of the German "miracle healer" Hamer, died. The doctors of the 18-year-olds had actually started chemotherapy, but the parents opted for the methods of the self-proclaimed "cancer healer", who lost his medical license 30 years ago.

Many cancers can be treated well
The diagnosis of cancer is always a severe blow to those affected, especially since the treatment options have been very limited for a long time. In recent years, however, tumor therapy has made tremendous progress and many cancers can be treated relatively well today.

Nowadays, the treatment of leukemia in many cases also increases the life expectancy and quality of life. The case of a young Italian woman who was refused therapy is therefore all the more dramatic.

Chemotherapy as the best option
According to media reports, Italian Eleonora Bottaro was diagnosed with “acute lymphoblastic leukemia” (blood cancer) last year. The doctors in Padua then wanted to convince the parents of chemotherapy as the usual and best option for their daughter, but they relied on the German "miracle healer" Ryke Geerd Hamer. Now the young woman has died at the age of 18.

Parents were deprived of custody
According to a report by the Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera", the parents took Eleonora, who is suffering from leukemia, to a clinic in Bellinzona, Switzerland, where she was treated with cortisone and vitamins. According to the information, the doctors in Padua turned on a juvenile court, which deprived the parents of custody of the girl.

Patient could have been saved
However, the girl had come of age in the meantime and had decided to continue treatment in Switzerland. Eleonora died on August 29 at the age of 18. The doctors are certain: "She could have saved herself." According to Giuseppe Basso, head of pediatric oncology in the Padua hospital, the disease can be successfully treated in four out of five cases.

The patient, who was then a minor, would have needed a declaration of consent from the legal guardian. "The parents refused - a bad decision," said Basso.

Guilty of dozens of deaths
She preferred to follow the method of the self-proclaimed "cancer healer" Ryke Geerd Hamer. Hamer was formerly a doctor, but his approval was withdrawn in 1986. In 1989, the Koblenz administrative court had declared Hamer unable to practice the profession of doctor because of "a weakness in his mental strength, unreliability and a psychopathological personality structure". But Hamer continued to work - illegally.

He was detained several times for continued illegal practice and fraud. He was suspected of being (partly) to blame for over 80 deaths from his "treatment". The case of little Olivia caused an international sensation. The parents of the then six-year-old were revoked their parenting rights in 1995. These had "treated" the little cancer patient according to Hamer's theory.

Quirky theory of a convicted German
According to his theory "New Germanic Medicine", there are five "biological laws of nature" that apply to all diseases. Every disease is triggered by a “biological shock”. Cancer is a "special biological program" and a reaction to this shock. Cancer is part of the cure and should never be "disturbed" by medication and surgery.

In Eleonora's case, this shock experience is said to have been the premature death of her brother in 2013. (ad)

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