Cannabis chocolate cake brings four people to the hospital

Cannabis cake leads to hospitalization - baker throws up at the police
In a small town in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, several adults ate a chocolate cake at a meeting that they did not get. Cannbis oil was in the baking mix. This led to such severe health impairments that four of them even ended up in the hospital. The baker, however, vomited at the police.

Chocolate cake enriched with cannabis oil
On Saturday, a chocolate cake enriched with cannabis oil triggered several rescue operations in the Mecklenburg town of Ribnitz-Damgarten. According to police reports, a total of six women and men between the ages of 23 and 56 had to be treated for nausea and vomiting within a very short time. Four of them had to be brought to the clinic.

Baker vomited in a police questioning
It turned out that all the sick had eaten from a chocolate cake that had been offered to them by a friend. The 42-year-old man said he had mixed a few drops of cannabis oil in the Bach mix. "He also had eaten the cake and had to vomit while the police questioned him," says a message.

Cake secured as evidence
The rest of the cake was secured as evidence and for investigation, the criminal police are now investigating suspected physical harm and violation of the narcotics law against the man. It remained unclear whether those affected knew about the cannabis in the cake.

Marijuana consumption can harm health
The police wrote in their message that the case should be a warning to all curious, but the use of marijuana and hashish is very popular with many people. A few months ago, some educators who had to be treated in a hospital after eating hash biscuits had to learn that this can also be harmful to health.

Experts repeatedly point out the possible health-damaging consequences of consuming cannabis products. Regardless of whether the drugs are eaten or smoked, in addition to nausea, they can also cause symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, hallucinations, poor circulation or even a circulatory collapse. (ad)

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