Dentists: A lot of pressure when brushing your teeth is extremely damaging

Dentists: A lot of pressure when brushing your teeth is extremely damaging

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Oral hygiene: Do not use too much pressure when cleaning your teeth
Even children are told by the responsible dentist how important tooth brushing is. But even in adulthood there is often uncertainty as to how best to take care of the pearly whites. It is important, among other things, not to apply too much pressure when cleaning.

Prevent tooth decay and toothache
Brushing your teeth regularly is the most effective way to efficiently prevent tooth decay and prevent gingivitis and toothache. The right technology is also very important. According to dentists, shaking and painting is particularly useful. In addition, you should properly clean the interdental spaces at least once a day. Furthermore, when brushing, it is important not to put too much pressure on the teeth, reports “proDente”.

A slight pressure when cleaning is sufficient
A message from the “proDente” initiative states: “The fact is that cleaning with too much pressure can damage teeth and gums.” So the assumption “Fixed scrubbing does it” is wrong. Rather, a light pressure of maximum 150 grams is recommended. This pressure can be tested with a kitchen scale, for example.

It is also important to clean with a system. It is best to start brushing your teeth and then cleaning the outside and then the inside of your teeth. This is also known as the "KAI system". "Scrubbing is allowed on the shop surface, but only there," says "proDente". According to the experts, it is also important to brush from red to white - i.e. from the gums to the tooth. (ad)

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