Frequent exercise is an important counterpart to stress

Frequent exercise is an important counterpart to stress

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Danger stress: the perspective of Chinese medicine
Those who suffer from too much stress are often plagued by exhaustion, insomnia, tension and pain. Many tend to ignore these initial symptoms. Such constant overloads often lead to burnout, high blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases. Stress is not always bad. So-called eustress, for example when jogging, is even healthy. It trains the immune system. In contrast, distress makes you sick in the long run - often even chronically ill. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, stress often plays an important role in the development of serious diseases.

"The constant pressure leads to increased adrenaline output, the heart beats faster, blood pressure rises," says Dr. Christian Schmincke, head of the clinic at the Steigerwald in Gerolzhofen. “If there is no physical activity as a counter-reaction, stress hormones can accumulate in the body and reduce stress tolerance. A negative cycle begins. ” Stress mainly damages the heart and promotes the development of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. “Acupuncture can counteract this well at the beginning. Targeted needling of the acupuncture points steers the vegetative nervous system in a 'quiet path', ”advises the expert in Chinese medicine.

According to Far Eastern naturopathy, stress is closely related to the central organ of the body, the stomach. It not only processes food, but also feelings and social challenges. As a permanent companion in everyday life, stress overwhelms the middle organ in its sorting function and disrupts the control of the immune system, which can lead to serious episodes of illness. Depression, headache, back problems, stomach ulcers or bowel problems, exhaustion and chronic fatigue may occur.

Therefore, Chinese medicine first releases energy blocks, which are often expressed in back pain or neck tension and insomnia. Especially special forms of massage like Tuina or Shiatsu achieve good results. Often physical recovery alone has a positive effect on the psychological sensation of those affected. For severe forms such as burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, the complete 5-pillar therapy always applies, which includes not only the important Chinese medicine therapy, but also acupuncture and moxibustion, gentle body therapies, Qi Gong and vegetarian food.

“You should make sure that you have more balance: lay on the sofa for a quarter of an hour after a strenuous shopping trip or walk around the block after an argument with your partner - that would help. It is important that phases of stress and relaxation alternate, ”recommends Dr. Schmincke.

Acupressure point Ma 36
In the case of restlessness due to excessive demands, the stimulation of point Ma 36 is appropriate according to Chinese medicine. It promotes the earth's function and has a great calming and at the same time strengthening effect. Position: Under the outer knee eye, a cross finger outside next to the shin edge over the shin muscle. Please note: strong muscles lie above the point. It takes great finger strength and at the same time considerable empathy to penetrate deeply at these points without provoking muscle tension.

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