Danger to life: Risk of suffocation for small children through handkerchief packaging

Adhesive flaps of tissue paper packaging pose a danger to young children
Infants are generally at increased risk of fatal accidents with everyday objects. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) is now warning in a current press release of possible suffocation attacks in small children due to the adhesive flaps of paper tissue packaging. Parents will be advised to be particularly careful.

The adhesive tabs on the packaging of paper handkerchiefs can lead to dangerous health problems and even suffocation attacks if swallowed by infants and young children, according to the BfR. Few such cases have been reported, but the consequences have been dramatic. Special attention should therefore be paid to the parents here.

23 cases of swallowed glue tabs reported
"In the past ten years, the BfR has been informed of a total of 23 cases from clinics and poison information centers that have been swallowed by such adhesive tabs," explains BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel. This does not necessarily have dramatic consequences. In addition to asymptomatic cases, the reported health disorders ranged from mild breathing difficulties to severe, life-threatening shortness of breath, reports the BfR.

Tabs can get stuck in the throat
Due to the crackling properties, parents like to give their paper tissue packaging to their children as toys to grasp or to distract from, reports the BfR. But the adhesive tabs can easily come loose and be swallowed. "If swallowed, the flap can get stuck in the pharynx and hinder breathing," continues the BfR. To make matters worse, adhesive tabs are often made of transparent material, which is why the tab in the pharynx is sometimes barely recognizable by parents or doctors.

Handkerchief packaging is not a suitable children's toy
If the glue flap is swallowed without impairing breathing, it is generally unproblematic for the gastrointestinal tract and is excreted naturally, the BfR reports. However, legal guardians should not take any unnecessary risks here. "As a preventative measure, we advise all parents not to use packaging with adhesive tabs as toys for infants and young children," emphasizes BfR President Professor Hensel. (fp)

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