Major recall campaign started due to broken glass in mixed vegetables

Major recall campaign started due to broken glass in mixed vegetables

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Call back via Kaufland: broken glass in DILEK mixed vegetables
The wholesaler Anatol from Regensburg is recalling over 5,000 glasses of a mixed vegetable. Glass splinters could be included in the product. Splinters and fragments can lead to serious injuries in the mouth and throat as well as internal injuries. The glasses were available in Kaufland branches.

Glass fragments may be present in mixed vegetables
For reasons of preventive consumer protection, Anatol GmbH from Regensburg, Bavaria, is calling back the product "DILEK - pickled mixed vegetables Turkish style" (content: 690g) with the best-before date of 4.2.2019. According to a report from the internet portal "", the company said that it cannot be ruled out that fragments of glass may be found in individual glasses of the relevant best-before date that could result in injury if consumed.

Glasses on sale at Kaufland
According to the information, more than 5,000 glasses of the pickled mixed vegetables are affected by the recall. Nationwide, the glasses were only offered in Kaufland branches. Customers are asked to return unopened or already opened products from this batch. The Kaufland food retail chain recently launched a recall after fragments of glass were found in antipasti.

Splinters of glass can cause internal injuries
Food that could contain broken glass or broken glass should never be consumed. This can result in serious injuries to the mouth and throat or internal injuries. In principle, in food production, due to errors in the manufacturing processes, contamination or foreign bodies such as glass, aluminum or plastic residues can occur again and again. (ad)

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