Two sweet soft drinks a day double the risk of diabetes

Two sweet soft drinks a day double the risk of diabetes

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Medical professionals are studying the effects of consuming soft drinks
Many people around the world suffer from the effects of diabetes. Researchers have now found that consuming just two sugary and carbonated drinks a day can double the risk of developing diabetes. This also applies to the diet versions of such drinks.

The scientists at the Swedish Karolinska Institute found in an investigation that just two sugary and carbonated drinks a day can double the risk of diabetes. It makes no difference whether these drinks are diet versions. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "European Journal of Endocrinology".

Doctors examine 2,800 participants for their study
When examining 2,800 subjects, the authors of the current study found that daily consumption of at least two 200ml servings of a carbonated and non-alcoholic soft drink increased the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 2.4 times.

A liter of soft drink increases the risk of diabetes by a factor of 10
Many carbonated drinks are sold in 330ml cans. For this reason, one and a half doses are enough to double the risk of diabetes. If people consume a whole liter of this sugary or artificially sweetened drink every day, their risk increases by a factor of 10, the scientists explain.

Disadvantages of sweeteners in soft drinks
The artificial sweeteners in the diet drinks can stimulate the appetite and thus lead to an increase in food intake. Such sweeteners can also affect microbes in the intestine and thus trigger glucose intolerance.

Sugary drinks increase the risk of latent autoimmune diabetes
Non-alcoholic sugary drinks affect glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. This leads to an increased risk of latent autoimmune diabetes, a special form of type 2 diabetes, the researchers say. We were surprised by the identified risk, next we will look for ways to counteract this risk, explains the author Josefin Edwall Löfvenborg.

The risk of sugary drinks and diet soft drinks is equally high
Even if other factors were taken into account, such as energy intake, higher BMI or poor nutrition in general, the risks for type 2 diabetes remained significantly increased, the experts say. A very interesting result was that the higher risk for sweet and artificially sweetened drinks was the same. This suggests that an increased risk of diabetes is not directly related to higher caloric intake or unwanted metabolism of sugar (in the form of sucrose), doctors add.

Other negative effects of soft drinks
Other studies have also examined the health effects of so-called soft drinks. For example, a study by the recognized Harvard University found that consuming two drinks of a soft drink increases the risk of heart attack by a third and the risk of stroke by about a sixth, the experts say. Another study linked consumption of sugary drinks to an increased risk of prostate cancer. Consuming 300ml of such carbonated soft drinks increases the likelihood of prostate cancer by about 40 percent. In addition, regular consumption, even for women, can reduce the likelihood of pregnancy, the doctors explain. Artificial sweeteners in diet sodas lead to lower fertility rates. Sugary drinks have been associated with poorer quality eggs and embryos. (as)

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