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AIDS history has so far been incorrectly reproduced

AIDS history has so far been incorrectly reproduced

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The story about HIV and AIDS with deadly dangers goes like this: Gaétan Dugas was the “Zero”, the first virus carrier and brought the illness to the USA as a steward of Air Canada. This story is wrong.

In the USA since 1970
Michael Worobey and his team from the University of Arizona found out: AIDS came to the United States in 1970.

The scientists analyzed more than 2,000 blood samples from the late 1970s for hepatitis B studies in homosexual men.

From 1978 to 1979, 6.6% of New York samples and 3.7% of San Francisco samples had produced antibodies against HI viruses.

AIDS came from the Caribbean
The scientists investigated the genes of these early HIV pathogens using eight of the blood samples. The surprise: the variants of the virus did not come from Africa, but from the Caribbean. This made a hypothesis certain: AIDS came from Africa to the Caribbean and from there to North America.

The infected doubled in ten months
As early as 1967, a predecessor of today's HIV spread to the Caribbean, came to the United States four years later, and the number of people infected there doubled every ten months.

In 1976 the virus struck San Francisco, and in 1977 the number of infected people already exceeded that in the Caribbean. AIDS has been known since 1981, and in 1983 it was defined as HIV.

The “Zero” was not one of the first to be infected
Gaétan Dugas did not belong to the first wave of the infected, which shows the development of his HIV type. In 1984 he died of the disease with the stigma of bringing the plague across America.

The study also shows that the virus spread very quickly in the United States.

Monkey AIDS
The early history of AIDS is better known: the Simian Immunodeficieny Virus, popularly known as monkey AIDS, probably transmitted African primates to humans as early as the early 20th century. This turned into AIDS: SI virus is considered a precursor to HIV.

HIV-1 M developed in Kinshasa around 1920 and from there penetrated the Congo Basin, but only in the 1960s to West Africa - from there to the Caribbean and from there to North America.

Made from victim to perpetrator
The unfortunate Dugas not only fell victim to AIDS but also to a misunderstanding. He was registered as patient O, not "Zero" in a California database for AIDS-infected people. O stood for Out-of-Calfornia.

Improperly working journalists and a panicked homophobic mob made Patient Zero and one of the many American AIDS victims the host who dragged the disease from New York to San Francisco. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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