Diet trend detox cure: It should detoxify and let the pounds drop

Diet trend detox cure: It should detoxify and let the pounds drop

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Detoxification: how useful is a detox cure?
Teas, smoothies, mueslis: All kinds of products are now also available for detox cures. Detox is "in". Such cures are supposed to detoxify the body. They can also help you lose weight. But what's with the new trend?

Healthy fasting and detoxification
If people want to reduce their body weight, they often try different diet programs that, for example, tend to avoid carbohydrates or fat. However, extreme diets are often problematic for health reasons. Experts recommend healthy fasting and detoxification, for example in the form of a detox regimen.

Remove harmful substances from the body
"Detox" stands for "Detoxification" (English: "Detoxification") and means detoxification. With such a treatment, the body should be freed from harmful toxins.

Depending on the shape and duration, detox is a kind of intestinal cleansing and detoxification treatment. Such a treatment is also suitable for detoxifying the liver.

There are many concepts for cleaning his body from the inside. In the meantime, you can even have the corresponding menus delivered to your home. But most will prefer to put together their own menu. There are a few things to consider.

Basic foods are allowed
The acid-base balance plays a major role in such cures. Certain foods cause the body to become acidic. According to health experts, this puts strain on the organism and promotes diseases such as arthrosis, neurodermatitis and osteoporosis.

Sour or acid-forming foods such as meat, eggs, dairy products, sweets, ready meals, products made from white flour, alcohol, lemonade, coffee, black and green tea are taboo during a detox cure. Basic foods such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, protein products such as soy or tofu, oils, herbal tea, vegetable juices, water, almond or unsweetened soy milk and products made from buckwheat flour, spelled flour, millet or soy flour are allowed.

Different information on acid exposure
Basic foods are also suitable for better fat burning, which is why they are explicitly recommended by nutrition experts if, despite intensive dieting and exercise, there is no real weight loss.

However, experts have also criticized the fact that guides provide different information about the acid load of various foods. The table by Thomas Remer and Friedrich Manz is a reliable source according to the Association for Independent Health Consulting (UGB).

Drink plenty of water
With a detox cure - which can take days or weeks - a colon cleanse is often started. The intestine is emptied with Epsom salt or a rinse. This is followed by a liquid-based diet. As a rule, only foods such as vegetable soups, smoothies, herbal teas and water are consumed for two days. The following days, the basic foods are put on the table.

In addition to this nutritional program, plenty of water should always be drunk. Sport is also part of it. The body can better remove and excrete acids.

No scientific evidence of effectiveness
However, studies proving the effectiveness of detox cures are pending. There is "no scientific evidence that such measures promote the elimination of toxins," wrote the German Nutrition Society (DGE) in a statement.

In addition, the experts report: "Various buffer systems in our body regulate the acid-base concentration in the blood and keep it constant." It is therefore also unnecessary to take "additional" base-promoting "food supplements".

A healthy body can cope with pollution
The head of toxicology at the Technical University of Munich, Thomas Zilker, also finds the detox diet unnecessary, reports the "Focus". "The body offers the best detoxification program itself," said Zilker, according to the news magazine.

The human body therefore copes well with normal pollution. The liver normally processes the substances and makes them harmless, the kidneys then excrete them. In addition, both organs can even increase their performance for a short time when under heavy stress - for example, if we have drunk a lot of alcohol or are taking strong medication.

Nutrition expert Monika Bischoff from the Barmherzige Brüder hospital in Munich had also criticized “Focus” in the past regarding detox cures: “From a scientific point of view, there are no slags, garbage and toxins that accumulate in the body and therefore detox is nonsense “, The expert said to the news magazine. (ad)

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