Studies: Hartz IV sufferers die earlier

Studies: Hartz IV sufferers die earlier

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Poor people die early
Life Insurance Zurich found out that poor people die earlier. Men with good income live about eleven years longer than low-wage workers, and the difference for women is eight years.

Overall, life expectancy continues to increase, but the lifetime is extremely unevenly distributed. According to the study, poor people live so short that, according to the world, "a general extension of the retirement age is hardly possible".

Men on the border to poverty live in Germany for an average of 70.1 years, women just under 77, rich men 81 and women 85. People at less than 60% of the average income are considered at risk of poverty, while those with more than 150 are rich %.

What does that mean for retirement?
If retirement was increased to 71 years, poor men would have no pension in their lives, poor women would only have a short time, while the rich would live as pensioners for ten or more years.

The duration of the pension for the poor would thus be the shortest since the Federal Republic of Germany was founded. Already in the 1960s men had an average of 9.9 years pension and women eleven years. Today men receive an average of 19.3 years pension and women 21.4 years. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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