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When men become impotent: correct erectile dysfunction

When men become impotent: correct erectile dysfunction

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It's not uncommon for the man to have erectile dysfunction. 20,000 men were interviewed and examined in a large-scale study. The results are devastating for the male sex, show the results of the "Cologne study". Already four percent of young men between the ages of 30 and 39 suffer from erectile dysfunction.

The causes are very different. In addition to partner or conflict-related causes, diabetes mellitus is one of the main causes. About 30 percent of erectile dysfunction (ED) is caused by blood sugar, Dr. med. Christian Leiber, senior physician at the urology clinic of the University Medical Center Freiburg.

If diabetes mellitus persists for more than 10 years, about 50 percent of those with erectile dysfunction are present. In about 60 to 70 percent of patients, the nerves and the endothelium (inner skin of blood vessels) in the penis are irreversibly damaged. And this leads to disorders or a lack of natural erectile ability, according to the urology specialist.

Seek medical advice
If there are the slightest disturbances of an erection, a consultation with the treating doctor should be sought. It is common for high blood sugar levels in diabetes to cause nerve damage over time. They can also cause problems with sexual function. In addition to the family doctor, the urologist is an important contact for sexual problems in men.

Help for the man
So-called PDE-5 inhibitors are available as drug therapies. However, these drugs are not always effective, Dr. Bodies. For example, if there are cardiological problems. Injection therapies are often accompanied by undesirable side effects. In addition to pain in the penis, penile fibrosis or hematoma at the injection site can occur.

In addition to vacuum erection aids, which are hardly accepted by men, penile implants from various manufacturers are available. For example, cavernous implants from Boston Scientific (BSCI) are technically very mature. They have been successfully implanted worldwide since 1973. In the meantime, over 40,000 patients have benefited. After the operation and a short hospital stay, the implant can be used by the patient for the first time after about six weeks. Patients and sexual partners are far more than 90 percent satisfied with this solution and the suffering is over, says the specialist in men's diseases. This procedure is fully reimbursed by the statutory health insurance companies, in contrast to drug therapy.

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