In case of hoarseness, don't spare your whisper

In case of hoarseness, don't spare your whisper

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Whisper in hoarseness if possible
Those who catch a cold in the cold season often also suffer from hoarseness. Medicines are usually not appropriate here. But there are tried and true home remedies that help to regain the normal voice. Until then, you shouldn't whisper if possible.

Alleviate complaints on a naturopathic basis
It is easy to catch an infection during the cold winter months. Those who catch a cold are often hoarse. To alleviate the symptoms, you don't have to take medication. On a naturopathic basis, there are various home remedies for hoarseness. It is also important to protect the voice. However, you should not whisper and clear your throat in hoarseness.

Speak little
Because this makes the vocal cords too tight. This is indicated by the health magazine "Apotheken Umschau" (1/2017 B). According to the experts, the essential thing in hoarseness is to spare your voice. From the very first signs, speak as little as possible.

This way, inflamed mucosa can recover better. Basically you should speak slowly and quietly. It is also important to avoid cigarettes. Because smoking strains the mucous membranes and delays healing.

Drink a lot
According to doctors, alcohol and coffee are better avoided. However, more fluid than usual should be consumed to combat the dry throat.

"Warm medicinal teas with mallow, chamomile, sage or thyme, which are used without sugar or with a spoonful of honey, are well suited," explained pharmacist Eike Barthel from Klingenthal.

Gargling is not very helpful
Gargling with such teas is less helpful to relieve hoarseness. In an older article by the “Apotheken Umschau”, Dr. Jan Löhler, ear, nose and throat doctor from Bad Bramstedt: "You only reach the oral cavity and the upper throat, not the vocal folds." Inhaling is more effective.

It is also recommended for Heisere to keep the neck warm with a scarf or towels. A hot water bottle can also help. And with sugar-free sweets you can stimulate the flow of saliva. (ad)

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