Bayer launches major recall campaigns for aspirin pills

Bayer launches major recall campaigns for aspirin pills

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Leaky packaging: Bayer calls back aspirin
The pharmaceutical company Bayer AG has announced a recall for certain batches of medicines. Aspirin tablets are affected, which could change color due to leaky packaging. According to the manufacturer, there is no security risk.

Leaky packaging found
Aspirin is arguably one of the best known drugs worldwide. It is used among other things for headaches, fever or toothache. The manufacturer of the tablets, Bayer AG, has now started a recall for certain batches of the drug. According to the pharmaceutical company, leaky packaging was found in the affected products.

Tablets could change color
"In the course of follow-up examinations, individual leaks in the primary packaging material were found for the drugs Aspirin Plus C and Aspirin Effect," reports Bayer in a press release.

“Aspirin Plus C effervescent tablets and Aspirin Effect granules are sensitive to moisture and are packed in aluminum sachets. A leak in the Aspirin Plus C tablet can cause discoloration and, in addition, in the Aspirin Effect can cause the granules to clump, ”it says.

No health risk
The recall affects:
"Aspirin Plus C", 10 pieces, effervescent tablets (PZN 01406632) Ch.-B .: BTAGU51, BTAH400, BTAH8G0
"Aspirin Plus C", 20 pieces, effervescent tablets (PZN 01894063) Ch.-B .: BTAH8U0, BTAHJL2
"Aspirin Plus C", 40 pieces, effervescent tablets (PZN 03464237) Ch.-B .: BTAHJT2, BTAHJT3, BTAHJT4
"Aspirin Effect", 10 pieces, granules (PZN 01405147) Ch.-B .: BTT1DWK

According to the company, there is no impact on the tolerance or effectiveness of the products concerned: “There is no health risk for the consumer. If the consumer finds clumping or discoloration in one of the recalled batches, he can complain about it through his pharmacy. "

It is said that a large part of the affected batches are still in the wholesale trade or in pharmacies. Only a few of these drugs have reached end customers. (ad)

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