Donate heart: Heart surgeons want to donate their own hearts

Donate heart: Heart surgeons want to donate their own hearts

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Cardiac surgeons: "We are cardiac donors": Cardiac surgeons send a clear signal for organ donation and appeal to the population's willingness to donate
The lack of donor hearts is worrying. In 2016, over 700 people in Germany were on the waiting list for a suitable donor heart (Eurotransplant).

If your own heart is too sick to perform the vital pumping function independently or to fulfill it completely, the cardiac patient needs a donor organ. The life-saving heart transplant could only be performed in 291 patients. For years it has not been possible to raise the number of heart transplants from the historical low of less than 300 a year. The main reason is the declining willingness to donate organs

On the occasion of the current annual conference in Leipzig, the board of the German Society for Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery made an adjective positive signal: the responsible cardiac surgeons clearly acknowledged their willingness to donate organs and made a strong appeal to the population to continue in the face of this to deal with the increasing problem of organ donation and to fill out a donor ID so that one day it may be possible to save another person's life.

The German Society for Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery e.V. (DGTHG), based in Berlin, is a non-profit medical society whose goals include: the promotion of science and further development of therapies in the field of thoracic, cardiac and vascular surgery. Other main tasks include the implementation of further and advanced training programs, the creation of medical guidelines, the promotion of junior staff and the organization of medical conferences. As representatives of the more than 1,000 thoracic, cardiac and cardiovascular surgeons working in Germany and organized in the DGTHG, those responsible for the specialist society are available for a dialogue with the public, politics and business. (pm)

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