New study: Tai Chi & Co effective in cardiovascular diseases

New study: Tai Chi & Co effective in cardiovascular diseases

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Tai Chi and Qigong have a positive effect on patients with cardiovascular diseases - namely on physiological and biochemical parameters as well as physical functionality, quality of life and depression. This is the result of a meta-analysis from China.

The Chinese scientists evaluated 35 randomized trials that looked at patients with cardiovascular disease (15 studies), stroke (7 studies), arterial and peripheral vascular disease, and hypertension (13 studies). The subjects of the Intervetionsgruppen regularly practiced either Tai Chi, Qigong or similar movement exercises. In addition, the results were compared with a control group. The studies lasted between 5 weeks and a year, the intensity of the exercises ranged from once a week to daily.

It was shown that regular TCM exercise significantly reduced the systolic and diastolic blood pressure compared to the results of the control groups, improved the performance in the 6-minute walk test, the triglyceride values ​​also decreased significantly, the quality of life improved and the depression rate decreased. You can find the study here.

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