Fake: A couple who want to have children learn from the doctor that they are siblings

Fake: A couple who want to have children learn from the doctor that they are siblings

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+++ Important update: The message about an alleged sibling couple is probably wrong. Unfortunately, we fell for the Mississippi Herald, like other magazines. We apologize! +++
In the United States, two spouses who turned to a doctor when they wanted to have children learned that they were twins. The siblings were adopted by different parents after birth and later felt drawn to each other by their similarities.

Married couple
In the United States, a couple learned by accident that they are twins. According to a report by the Mississippi Herald newspaper, the couple in Jackson, Mississippi, had contacted a doctor to get children. The doctor found that the two are brother and sister. Incest between siblings is punishable in the United States, as well as in Germany.

DNA sample brought certainty
According to the report, the childless couple went to the fertility clinic to have them fertilized.

"Before in-vitro fertilization, we take a DNA sample from a man and woman to examine their genetic makeup," the doctor said, according to the newspaper.

"It's part of the routine and normally we wouldn't check the relationships."

According to the information, however, a laboratory assistant noticed the unusual similarity, so that the matter was further investigated. It was found that the man and woman are a biological pair of twins.

Spouses are very similar
The two, who were born on the same day in 1984, had no idea that they were siblings, even though friends had repeatedly spoken to them about how similar they looked.

According to the Mississippi Herald, the parents of the twin and married couple died in a car accident when they were children. They were later adopted by different parents.

Years later, they met at a college party and fell in love. "Because of their similarities, they were attracted to each other," said the doctor.

"If they had known the truth, they would have been spared so much pain later." The doctor said he hoped they would find a way to deal with their situation. The couple has not yet made a decision about their future.

Sexual intercourse between siblings is punishable
From a legal point of view, the sibling's marriage is illegal. Due to the circumstances, however, it can be assumed that the couple will not face any punishment.

Incest between siblings is punishable in the United States as well as in Germany.

According to Section 173 of the German Criminal Code: “Anyone who goes to bed with a biological relative ascending line is punished with a prison sentence of up to two years or a fine; this also applies if the relationship has expired. Likewise, physical siblings are punished who sleep together. ”(Ad)

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