Warning: essential oil can also cause severe burns

Warning: essential oil can also cause severe burns

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Essential oils can also cause burns: A victim warns on Facebook
In natural medicine, but also in conventional medicine, essential oils are said to have beneficial properties for back pain, joint problems, stress and also for colds. But what can have a positive effect can also develop undesirable side effects. So did Elise Nguyen. She burned herself with lemon oil.

Elise Nguyen rubbed a little essential lemon oil on her neck and wrists before her "hot yoga" lesson. She wanted to have a calming effect. After yoga, the person concerned thought that it would certainly not hurt to get a little tan in the solarium. Finally, she was invited to a wedding in Jamaica. So she lay fatally under the solarium.

And then the shock came. The next day, Elise had severe skin irritation on her arms and neck. "At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to the detergent, but it got worse over the next few days," she writes on Facebook. Her skin just didn't get better. In the period that followed, bubbles appeared as in chemical combustion.

No wonder. The bottle with the essential oil said: "Keep away from sunlight or UV light up to twelve hours after application". A warning, which was however only to be seen very small. “I contracted second and third degree burns. It's been 22 days now and I still have vacancies, ”says Elise. With a Facebook post, she now wants to warn other people. “I'm not blaming the company of the oil. It was my own. I just want to warn others and advise to always read the warnings on the packages ”.

The essential oil still has a healing and beneficial effect. “However, warnings should always be read carefully. Unwanted effects or interactions can always occur, ”says alternative practitioner Susanne Müller. (sb)

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