Breastfeeding vegans need a lot of vitamin B12

Breastfeeding vegans need a lot of vitamin B12

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Vegan diet: Breastfeeding women need more vitamin B12
Vegan nutrition is the trend. If you completely do without animal products on your menu, you should make sure to absorb all the important nutrients in sufficient quantities. This is especially important for breastfeeding - and also pregnant - women, who have an increased need for vitamin B12.

Vegan nutrition is the trend
More and more people are eating vegan. For some, it is moral and ethical reasons that lead them not to consume animal products, for others the health aspect is more important. Typical diseases of civilization such as obesity, diabetes or high blood lipids are rare among vegans. However, you need to be more careful to get enough of all the important nutrients. This is especially important for breastfeeding vegans.

Almost only nutrient contained in animal products
People who eat vegan should find out which foods contain the most nutrients and make sure that they have enough calcium, vitamin D, iodine and especially vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is considered a critical nutrient in a purely plant-based diet, since it is naturally almost exclusively found in animal products such as meat, fish, milk and eggs as well as in offal. Breastfeeding mothers - just like pregnant women - have an increased need for this vitamin.

The Professional Association of Pediatricians (BVKJ) advises women who are vegan to contact a pediatrician with their offspring.

He can regularly check “whether the infant is adequately supplied with vitamin B12. In most cases, it is sufficient if the mother also takes the vitamin, "said BVKJ Federal Press Officer Dr. Hermann Josef in a contribution on the website "".

Vitamin B12 supply via dietary supplements
According to the experts, a vitamin B12 deficiency in infants often only becomes noticeable after around four to six months, for example through growth disorders, anemia, muscle weakness and a changed brain development or insufficient head growth.

If the defect is not recognized in time, permanent damage can occur.

In order to prevent a vitamin B12 deficiency, according to nutrition experts, vegans should use appropriate nutritional supplements, since the supply of the vitamin via conventional foods is not possible.

The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) also writes in its position on vegan nutrition: "With a purely plant-based diet, an adequate supply with some nutrients is not or only with difficulty."

"The most critical nutrient is vitamin B12," said the experts. "The DGE does not recommend a vegan diet for pregnant women, nursing mothers, infants, children and adolescents." (Ad)

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