Tick ​​bite: Ticks also hide in home gardens

Tick ​​bite: Ticks also hide in home gardens

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Ticks also lurk in gardens. Preventive measures are important to protect yourself against stings.
The garden as a home resort is popular with many - even if it sometimes means a lot of work. As a hobby gardener, Elke Schwarzer is someone who enjoys this work. Pruning, new plantings, weeding, making your own garden shine - the Bielefeld native enjoys all of this. But even in the home garden, ticks can be encountered, as a study by the University of Hohenheim shows. So it is better to take precautions, because otherwise serious infections, for example early summer meningoencephalitis (TBE), can occur.

Elke Schwarzer is a passionate gardener - this is not only evident in her terraced garden, but also in her books and blog. There she gives other interested people tips and ideas about garden maintenance. Nevertheless, the real work in the garden is the most beautiful thing for her. It can be found there in every season and works hard on new projects and the everyday tasks. She kneels in the grass to dig her beds and stretches into bushes to straighten them. Places that ticks like too.

Ticks in the home garden
Because not only in forests and meadows there is a danger of encountering the small parasites. According to a study by the University of Hohenheim, gardens are also places where ticks like to be. And even in big cities, the little animals crawl through the green. They are mainly found in grasses and bushes, where they then lurk for a potential host from whom they can be stripped off and stung. The small prick is not without danger, because it can transmit pathogens. It is common that the puncture usually goes unnoticed due to an anesthetic in the tick's saliva. Anyone who spends a lot of time in the garden should take precautionary measures against ticks.

Ticks can transmit pathogens
Over 50 different pathogens can transmit ticks when they bite. This also includes the early summer meningoencephalitis virus, or TBE for short. It can be in the tick's saliva and is then immediately passed on to the bite. TBE is a disease of the meninges and the central nervous system. Some of those affected have serious health consequences. The cause of the disease cannot be treated - in the event of illness, symptoms such as pain and high fever can only be alleviated with medication.

Preventive measures against ticks
With a few measures you can reduce the risk of a tick bite. This includes sturdy shoes and long, light clothing. For one thing, access to the skin is difficult for the ticks. The dark animals can also be seen better on light clothing and can be removed before they can be stabbed. With insect repellent sprays, so-called repellents, ticks can also be kept at a distance. It is also advisable to search his body regularly after spending time in nature. Vaccination protection can also prevent you from getting TBE after a tick bite.

Where are TBE risk areas located?
TBE risk areas are counties in which the risk of contracting TBE after a tick bite is particularly high. These areas are determined annually by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). In Germany, these are currently large parts of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg as well as parts of South Hesse and Thuringia. Especially for residents and travelers to the TBE risk areas as well as certain professional groups, such as laboratory workers or farmers, the TBE vaccination is recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO). Nevertheless, it should be noted that ticks infected with TBE viruses can occur all over Germany and that TBE risk areas are spreading further and further north. Elke Schwarzer has also had several encounters with ticks in her garden: “In the meantime, I have had to pull a double-digit number of ticks from my body. All from my garden! ”Reports the Bielefeld woman. Preventive measures and vaccination protection have therefore become a matter of course for them.

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